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Learn the basic air duct cleaning process and how it can help maintain your ventilation system.

Understanding air duct cleaning process is important so you know what to expect during a cleaning procedure. You should also understand how the air duct cleaning process is conducted so you can rest assured that the air getting into your lungs is of the highest quality possible.

As an example, if the contractor uses a sealant to prevent mold growth, you should know that this is a bad solution that will endanger you in the long run. They need to get rid of the mold permanently so you can enjoy breathing fresh air all day long.

Let’s take a closer look at the actual air duct cleaning process.

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dining room mold

The health risks of mold on your home, basement or crawl space are significant and requires immediate attention.

You’ve just made up your mind to buy the home of your dreams. Everything seems to be perfect about it—until you suddenly discover an ugly truth; the house you are about to buy is ridden with mold.

In some areas, large quantities of mold are considered a violation of the public code. If the seller of your house does not disclose the mold problem, you should probably think twice before working with that person. This is a huge problem, so you need to be aware of it before the transaction is finished. Failure from home sellers to disclose this issue may lead to citations and even lawsuits for them.

However, if the seller has told you about it, but you still want to purchase the home because it is just perfect for you, it is important to know what costs are involved in getting rid of the mold.

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duct image

These seven warning signs indicate that you may want to get your air ducts cleaned.

There are certain tasks that we can put off for another day in our everyday lives. However, there are other tasks that we need to tackle right away.

Cleaning your air ducts is part of the second category of tasks. If you don’t clear them on a regular basis, your ducts will find a way to let you know that they need cleaning.

Here are 7 signs that your air ducts need cleaning right away.

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flooded basement image

Preparing for storms and floods is the best way to minimize damage when they do occur.

Have you secured your basement to prepare for flooding? Flooding is one of the most natural and common disasters that happen all over the world. If you feel that you’re basement isn’t as secure as it should be, then don’t worry.

From causes to solutions, here is everything that you need to know about basement floods!

Understanding how floods start will also help in understanding how we should prepare our basement and our house in case it ever happens again. There are a lot of reasons why floods occur. Flash floods that happen due to the sudden rise in water levels and arrives without warning.

Groundwater flood is caused by long periods of rain and the ground becomes too saturated with water that it cannot absorb any more of it. Thus accumulating water above the grounds surface resulting into a flood.

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basement mold image

Neglecting your basement humidity can cause mold growth, leading to air quality issues in the living area.

Let’s be honest, you probably have a bunch of stuff in your basement right now. While it’s reasonable to neglect your basement from time to time, doing so can trigger mold growth in the long run.

This can create a bigger problem, so below we’ll discuss how basement mold grows, what causes it, and how to clean and prevent it.

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